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MPAT has undertaken PAT testing across a verity of CQC (Care Quality Commission) regulated companies. CQC covers not only the quality of service each provider delivers but also covers safety, and this is where MPAT have helped by making the PAT testing unobtrusive, timely , efficient and always provided them with notification in advance of their next testing, to take away any unnecessary hassle. We are qualified, DBS certified, fully insured (£10m) and all our test equipment is calibrated.

An example of types of CQC company and locations we work with are:

  • Mental Health – Burgess Hill, Dorking, Portsmouth, Southwick, Lancing
  • Dental – Haywards Heath, Uckfield, Burgess Hill, Lewes, Worthing
  • Care homes – Crawley, Newhaven, East Grinstead
  • Doctors Surgery – Haywards Heath, Littlehampton

An example of one of our jobs is a Mental Health unit where we manage their PAT testing in accordance to the HSE and IEE guidelines – In advance of their retest we inform them with plenty of time so a suitable time/day can be selected to limit the impact to their daily operation. For this customer it is to get the testing completed before their peak time starting from 13:00. As they still have people working before this time, undertaking consultations etc. we always find out which rooms are in use/free (with available times) so as to not impact on the vital services they are providing, but still ensuring the PAT testing is efficiently and thoroughly completed .

As part of our service we not only undertake the PAT testing but can also undertake remedial fixes found; this year we completed a cable management programme for one of their offices, this office had multiple desks with daisy chained extensions and had cables running all across the floors. We reconfigured this so each desk had its own dedicated extension lead, installed cable trays to raise all the cables off of the ground, which reduced the risk of overloading the socket, damage to the cables, trip hazards and left the office looking neater and professional.

If you would like to see how we can help your business please contact us.

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