Overloaded sockets

Overloaded socket
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Overloaded circuit  

Just think for a moment, have you ever seen anyone at work using a heater in the winter (everyone likes warmth)? Most of these heaters are near to, or at, 3kw output and a standard UK socket should not have anything plugged in that draws more than 13amp/3kw. So if these heaters are plugged directly into the sockets they are fine, however, we find that a lot of people want the heater close to them and are plugging them into the extension lead that is powering the PC, Monitor (or multiple monitors), Printer, Headphone charger, Phone charger etc. As soon as this heater is plugged in/switched on to this extension lead you have a potentially overloaded circuit and are increasing the risk of fire. As part of our PAT testing service we will always provide you with notes where we come across this potentially happening so you are not left unaware. For additional information please contact us

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