PAT Testing Fails – My Dog Ate My Cable!

PAT Testing fails - Dog eating cable
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Dog (or other animal) chewed the cable

You have all heard (and some may even have used!! – not me of course!!) ‘The dog ate my homework… But dogs (and other animals) seem to like plastic coated cables especially when they are carrying 240v. Unfortunately this does happen and seems to be more common in smaller businesses where pets are allowed into work, or where your business is sited near a farm. Where this is the case it is well worth regularly checking that you are not using a chewed cable, it is not only unpleasant at best  for the animal chewing it, is also not likely to be pleasant if you accidentally brush up against it. #shocking

One office we tested had a pet dog, the dog had chewed the cable through to live wires and these were hanging less than 2cm from the persons leg!! They would only need to reach under to accidentally touch the bare wires.

If you are unsure of a chewed cable it is best to assume it needs changing as we can always check with our PAT testing, for additional information please contact us

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