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Plug adapter

Mark Jackson on Sun 17 Jun

Plug adapters for this part of out office safety series. With work forces being ever more international and mobile the need for equipment to work across borders is now higher than ever. But how do you know you have the correct adapter?

Overloaded sockets

Mark Jackson on Sun 3 Jun

As part of our office safety series we are looking at overloaded sockets are fire risks, do you know if your sockets are overloaded and at risk?

Dog chewed my cable

Mark Jackson on Mon 21 May

Do you have animals in the work place (not your colleagues!!). Some may be wanted and loved pets, others could be unwanted and not so loved visitors... One thing they seem to have in common is a love for plastic coated cables carrying electricity! This blog linked to our others on office safety is focusing on not assuming cables are safe when animals could be around

Split in cable

Mark Jackson on Mon 7 May

Splits in cable happen across all industries, be that a chair going over a cable, power tool catching the cable or over stretching that cable to get the printer where it is needed... Please follow link for more information on our office safety series of blogs

Daisy chain extensions

Mark Jackson on Sun 22 Apr

One in a series of blogs that looks at common issues that can be detrimental to your businesses safety, this blog focuses on daisy chained extensions

Pink plug protects

Mark Jackson on Mon 2 Apr

Pink plug protects - Check out our new logo and our two new strap-lines: Pink plug protects and if you can plug it in it needs PAT testing.


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Is your work environment safe?

Mark Jackson on Thu 15 Mar

Exploring how safe workplaces are today (from a PAT/Cable management prospective), what the common issues are, what to look out for and how to resolve them

Elf on a Shelf

Mark Jackson on Fri 15 Dec

Elf on a Shelf creates PAT testing - naughty elf damage wires, cable and extension leads. Don't get caught out by a naughty elf and let MPAT ensure your electrical appliance's are safe - If you can plug it in, it needs PAT testing

Winter Electrical Safety

Mark Jackson on Fri 13 Oct

It's no surprise that as the winter months bring cold weather, we see higher energy bills. But it's not just the cost of heating we need to consider - it's also whether our heaters and electric blankets are fit for use. Follow our four top tips to keep you and yours safe...